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8. Seacula Seaculorum (Forever and Ever)


Jac Meijers
Betuwestraat 28
6137 KB Sittard NL

Tel. 0031 (0)6 114 90 716



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- Nieuw boek / new book 
- Tentoonstelling Stein/Urmond september 2012
- Tentoonstelling Terpkerk Urmond oktober 2012
- Tentoonstelling Philipsfabriek Sittard november 2012
- Tentoonstelling FEE Fashion, Art, Design jan-mrt 2013 


Update: 2-10-2016


Digital photo printed on Pearl photopaper and aluminium 50 x 75 cm.
Photo mixed with digital paint. Printed on Pearl photopaper and aluminium 50 x 75 cm.
Model Rosa Bakker.

´V´ in this case stands for 'Female' in dutch ('Vrouwelijk')In the way the model stands (V-shaped hair, arms and legs), Jac Meijers depicts the V for femininity.The entire figure can also be seen as the shape of the inner vagina.Jac Meijers sees this image also as a representation of the transition from a male-dominated twentieth century to an estimated matriarchal twenty-first century.